Yvonne Maxwell is a Saint Lucian-Nigerian self-taught documentary photographer and writer whose work covers stories on migration, social justice, culture and identity of the Black communities within London and the wider UK. Her work also extends to focus on stories surrounding people from across the global African and Caribbean diasporas and their ancestral ties, cultures, familial relationships, health, sexuality and human rights. 

Her artistic practice uses photography, words and moving image to communicate and visualise critiques on society and state, looking to the past, present and imagined futures to shape these mediums. Yvonne is engaged in a number of ongoing personal projects including When The Body Speaks, which explores the lives of Black people living with debilitating chronic illness in the UK and critiques the socio-economic systems that fail to support them.

She began her journey in 2019, and has worked with The Wellcome Collection, Vittles, SUITCASE Magazine, Open City, Goldsmiths CCA, Level Up, Eater (US), among others.

Yvonne is based in London, UK and is available for assignments, commissions and collaborations.


2022 Essay & Photography, Peckham Pride, Issue 38, SUITCASE Magazine

2022 Photography, Home Sauce, Issue 13, Pit Magazine

2022 Essay & Photography, The Arcades, Vittles

2022 Essay & Photography, The Arcades, London Feeds Itself, Open City

2022 Essay, What Does It Mean To Resist?, A Great Increase In Business Is On Its Way, Goldsmiths CCA

2022 Photography, Parks and politics in Brixton’s past and present, Wellcome Collection

2022 Photography, #NoMoreLyes Campaign, Level Up

2021 Essay & Photography, A Partition That Separates Us From Them, Black Food Folks Present, Resy

2021 Photography, NostalgiaUltra, Issue 1, Chicken + Bread

2021 Essay, Adopted Food - If You Build It, They Will Come, Vittles

2021 Photography, It Travelled with Me, within Me, SOURCED

2021 Essay, Iteration 9: Yvonne Maxwell "cooks" Yemisí Aríbisálà - Ogbono Soup and the power of stories, Vittles

2021 Story Consultant - How 60,000 Metric Tons of Salt Are Harvested From One of the World's Saltiest Lakes, Handmade Series (Docuseries), Eater

2020 Photography, Belly Full - Caribbean food in the UK. 2nd Edition

2020 Photography, Watching You, Issue 003, Plantain Papers

2020 Photography, Community Comfort - Recipes from the Diaspora

2020 Sub Editor, Community Comfort - Recipes from the Diaspora

2020 Essay, A Rose By Any Other Name, Vittles

2019 Cover, Issue 002 , Plantain Papers

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